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"Keep your abilities current by engaging in ongoing professional development with the University of Guelph. Select courses that can help you thrive in your current role and strive towards your career goals."

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Pupil Transportation Management
Information and Communication Technology
HR for School Board Administrators
Freedom of Information and RIM
Facilities Management
Disabilities Management and Attendance Support

Certificates in:

  1. Disability Management and Attendance Support (DMAS) Register Now!
  2. Facilities Management (FM) Register Now!
  3. Information Management, Privacy and Access (IMPA - formerly FOIRIM) Register Now!
  4. Human Resources Management for School Board Administrators (HRM SBA) Register Now!
  5. Information and Communication Technology Management (ICTM) Register Now!
  6. Pupil Transportation Management (PTM) Register Now!
  7. Supply Chain Management (SCM) Register Now!

Concentrate your studies into a one week period. What To Expect:

  • Build professional connections that extend beyond the classroom.
  • Keep your knowledge, skills and abilities current and relevant.
  • Augment your capacity to lead, manage, and optimize your functional area.
  • Enhance your career path and potential. 


University of Guelph has developed these certificate programs in partnership with the Ontario Association of School Business Officials(OASBO). These certificate courses are also elective courses for the Diploma in School Board Administration